Thursday, 5 April 2012

Voice judge Jessie J wears Swatch Rebel watches

Jessie J wears Swatch New Gent Rebel watches in the official music video for her 2011 hit Who’s Laughing Now. The most prominent of these is the Swatch Gents Brown Rebel Watch SUOC700 – though actually it looks black with pink detailing – as well as versions in purple, pumpkin and pink.

The singer and now star of BBC television’s The Voice UK is apparently being touted as a possible future judge for the US version of X Factor after impressing Simon Cowell. But for now she is generating headlines after a spat with fellow Voice judge

As Swatch put it at the time of her Who’s Laughing Now video in 2011:
Since bursting onto the international pop scene in late 2010, with her debut single, Do It Like A Dude, Essex-born singer-songwriter Jessie J has rapidly proved herself to be a genuine 21st century musical sensation. Talented, feisty and fun, she has since notched five million sales for her succession of single releases globally, as well as 1.1 million sales for her debut album,Who You Are. The single Price Tag hit the number one spot in nineteen countries. All of this is even more impressive when you consider that she is still only 23 years old!

Jessie is not only known for her music, though. Her own distinctive sense of style - topped off with that trademark glossy black bob hairstyle - has made her a much-copied icon among her fans around the world. Proving she is totally fearless when it comes to fashion, Jessie recently transformed the colour of her hair to a vibrant shade of purple, showing she is more than willing to experiment with her looks!

She now further demonstrates what great taste she has, by wearing the Swatch New Gent collection in the video for her eagerly anticipated new single, Who’s Laughing Now. The video had 1 million views on Youtube in one day!  The single is the fourth track to be released from Jessie’s debut album, Who You Are, and looks set to match the massive success of her previous releases. With a Swatch worn proudly on her wrist, Jessie J makes it clear - through her music and her image - that she is having the time of her life right now!