Thursday, 7 June 2012

Men in Black 3 opt for Hamilton Ventura

Will Smith as Agent J handed in his Breitling Chronograph and put on a Hamilton Ventura wristwatch when he joined the Men in Black back in 1997. Fifteen years on, he’s still wearing the brand for Men in Black 3 as he saves the world from time travelling aliens.

As Agent J goes back in time, different versions of the Hamilton Ventura help evoke different eras as all MIB agents wear the unique timepiece.

The company’s own marketing features two contrasting Venura models: the Hamilton Ventura XXL, appropriately styled with a black rubber strap and sleek black dial, and the elegant Hamilton Ventura Medium, favored by the Men in Black supporting agents, which complements a black dial with a classically elegant stainless steel case.

And here's the official trailer. Watch out for brief glimpses of watches on the wrists of Agent J and Agent K...